Simplify & Supercharge your accounting by connecting PracBill to Xero!

Let PracBill make your accounting so much easier by using our inbuilt two-way Xero Integration to help ensure that your Xero instance is up-to-date and in tip-top shape.

Allow PracBill to help you avoid issues with conflicting data, input errors and confusion by automating this process for you, and allow your Finance Team to get back to the more important things.

Benefits of our Xero Integration:

Allows invoices to be automatically uploaded

Our integration allows all invoices to be automatically uploaded once they’re approved, including all billable content within the invoice. This give power to your Finance Team to move forward and operate in a environment familiar to them.

Ability to map all of your products to your Chart of Accounts

Never mis-allocate products again in Xero, as PracBill allows you to map all of your products to the correct area on your Chart of Accounts in Xero.

Two-way communication of payments

Allow PracBill to update Xero everytime PracBill runs a transaction, and allow Xero to update PracBill with EFT Payments. This allows your Finance Team to live in Xero and only have to enter manual payments (i.e. EFT Payments) yet have it replicated straight into PracBill.

No additional fees

This feature is all part of our super simple pricing model, which means that there is no additional PracBill fees to enable this time-saving feature.

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