PracBill Pricing is as agile as our Platform

At PracBill, we don’t believe in gimmicks, confusing mulit-level pricing models or paying extra to unlock features. We know that business is already full of confusing pricing models that leave you scratching your head, and we don’t want to add to that headache. 

Our single and only tier allows flexibility in your bills, so that if you have a quieter month (e.g. Christmas holidays), your PracBill pricing will fall too.

Sometimes in Telco, we have quieter billing months. Sometimes it’s something as simple as Christmas holidays, other times it might due to seasonal customers (for example – tourism, education or finance). At PracBill, we understand this sudden lack of cashflow isn’t fun. That’s why we’ve developed a simple and easy model thats reflective of your billable revenue.

It's a simple as this:

1% of your Billable Revenue, with a Min Cost of $200 per month.

However, if you prefer a fixed-price model, please contact us below to speak to our team and we’ll work out a solution that suits your business.