Microsoft Teams Billing

Our game-changing Pracbill platform takes the hassle and complexity out of Microsoft Teams voice billing. By intelligently ingesting and rating Call Detail Records (CDRs) directly from servers linked to Teams, we transform raw data into actionable insights that can supercharge your telecom strategy and enhance your cost savings.

Key Features of Our Microsoft Teams Voice Billing Solution

Seamless CDRs Ingestion:
Our robust platform can effortlessly pull in Call Detail Records directly from servers associated with Microsoft Teams, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors.

User-level Rating and Analysis:
Our advanced analytics algorithms perform detailed ratings of CDRs against individual users, delivering comprehensive and accurate usage insights.

Integrated Invoices:
Add your additional services into your invoices, they could come from your other platforms like connectwise or xero.  Presenting a single invoice to your customer with all their services you offer them like Teams Licenses, Data Services, Rental Equipment and Managed Services.

Compliant and Secure:
Security is our priority. Our solution is compliant with all regulatory standards and is designed to safeguard your sensitive data against any threat.

Begin Your Journey Towards Effortless Microsoft Teams Voice Billing Today

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