For many Telcos, they need a full Billing system to act as part of their central systems that their Billing Team use in their day-to-day operational processes. This allows them access to a platform so that they can quickly and easily see visual information in order to assist with customer enquiries and carry out other operational activities as needed by the business. This Billing Platform would generally work in conjunction with other systems such as a Ticketing System.

But let’s say that you’ve built an internal system for essentially managing all of your customer interactions. This is the main system that all your team access to help customers with solving their queries. In this situation, it can be a little frustrating for your team to have to manually handle data and repeat tasks in two systems (not to mention, the greater chance of mistakes!).

This is where the right API-Driven billing comes in. Sometimes you just need the billing platform to take a back-seat and to quietly do it’s thing in the background. Essentially, there’s two main types of data that are transacted via API in a billing system:

Display-type data

This type of data is commonly used in Data Warehouses and Wall Boards. This allows the business to see a snapshot of key data that’s integral to the business. This might display metrics such as Sales, CDR Volume, Customer Onboarding and Offboarding, Outstanding Revenue and more.

Automation Data

This type of data is used to create automations, usually triggered from the business’s own custom platform. This allows customers and services to be automatically provisioned and de-provisioned, Moves Adds and Changes (MACs) to be applied, and automatic adjustment of any other billing data. This allows your team to be more efficient while reducing costly mistakes made by human error.

You might be looking at the above, and thinking – why not both? and With PracBill, you can most definitely have the best of both worlds whilst still having a super-flexible Billing Platform. Contact our team today to discuss how we can assist you to bill better.

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